About Cebal


Quality to feed the world!

Being able to understand the market to target the best product to the right customer. This is the work of Cebal Agro, a company with more than 15 years of experience in the market of pulses, vegetable oils, animal nutrition and functional flours, which generates excellent business opportunities with quality and great cost-benefit.

Care for the environment and people

With a successful partnership with producers, employees and the market, Cebal Agro works to ensure the quality and traceability of each product, taking care of the entire process and people.

Our work involves the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

Social Sustainability

In the social pillar, we offer security to the producer through advice on the crops, planting and flow conditions, loss reduction and the best planting methods and support throughout the work.

Environmental Sustainability

Certified products, production processes that respect nature and technologies that reduce environmental impact are our premises to keep agribusiness more sustainable.

Economic Sustainability

And in the economic sphere, we strengthen and encourage the entire agribusiness chain, generating great opportunities for the end customer and excellent products for the market.


High quality from planting to export

Our quality criteria are strictly followed by the supplier producers, during the entire production process in the fields, also after the harvest and during its processing.